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We are located in west Africa and our main mission/vision is to reach and serve the lost while partnering with the local church and training locals in theology. For simplicity purposes we have divided our ministry into two parts: social outreach, church fortification. Social Outreach : We are actively involved in a ministry for street boys in our community where we welcome them into our center; eat, play soccer, give hygiene products, teach the Word of God, etc. It has been such a sweet time to see these boys walk into our center feeling safe, loved, and cared for while they're here. We are passionate about making those that are outcasted and rejected by society feel loved and supported. 

Church Fortification : Also, we are active in training local believers in the Word of God. We are currently training an aspiring pastor through daily Bible Studies, Christian Books, and life-on-life discipleship. We have loved intertwining our lives with the lives of locals and seeing them grow in the Word. 


Need : We are in need of monthly supporters that are passionate about serving these boys, women, and the local church here in Africa. by clicking here you are committing to helping the Gospel go forth in our country to serve the lost (social) and to train up pastors (church fortification).


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The ability to shape these street boys' lives

Spiritual growth and protection over our kids.

Boldness in the faith 

My (Stefan) grandfather in the states

Financial giving to increase so we can serve even more

Safety over the Wehmeyers while in Africa.

Leopold, Local Partner


Leopold is a local believer who has partnered with us in ministry in west Africa and is studying with our team to become a pastor himself. He helps run our center and is instrumental at making

sure everything runs smoothly and effectively at our center. His wife and children are dear to our family and we are blessed to continually work alongside local believers in their pursuit to spread the Word of God in all parts of their country.

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