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A Partner is someone who has committed to giving monthly to support the Wehmeyers in their ministry efforts in West Africa .


We are only $3,000 away from having the funds needed to finish our 5v5 soccer pitch! We are putting a wall around our soccer pitch and making an indoor soccer pitch where our boys can play soccer daily after breakfast and before showers and brushing their teeth. 

Be in prayer that we can accomplish this task quickly and efficiently so that we can better serve our boys. 

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We are building a house for Leo, our local partner, in the back of our property. This will add security for the back of our property as well as helping the boys have someone that speaks their language 24/7 available at the property to serve and love on them. This will also make it easier for us to return to the states every few years for fundraising and explaining our vision and he can be onsite, with his family, to run the ministry in our stead. 


We are looking to find the funds to finish our showers and toilets for the boys that come into our home. There is a great need for them to be able to shower comfortably and securely. The project includes 2 showers and 1 toilet so that these boys can increase their hygiene and decrease their risk and spreading of diseases. 




            Whenever you give to #lovegoes you have the peace of mind that your financials will be handled with care as the Wehmeyer’s use those funds for the glory of the Kingdom in West Africa! We also wanted to take a moment to say thank you to our sending Church (Grace City Church) and Tiffany Isgriggs (CFO) for your help in financial accountability and transparency with our donors. 

Check / Cash (through GCC)

Mail a check made payable to Grace City Church to:

                Grace City Church

10729 North Service Road

Bourbon, MO 65441

Include a note indicating your preference to support the "Wehmeyer Africa Mission".

Online (through GCC)

The easiest for you to give would be by giving online by clicking here to be relocated to our sending churches online giving page. 

  • Click the "Give To" button 

  • Select "Wehmeyer African Mission"

Check (through CTEN)

Mail a check payable to CTEN to: ​

Commission To Every Nation 

P.O. Box 291307 

Kerrville, TX 78029-1307 

Include a note with your check indicating your preference for our ministry "Wehmeyer Africa Mission".

Online (through CTEN)
  • Go to our CTEN web page at Click the DONATE button. 

  • You can make a special gift or schedule monthly/recurring gifts by credit card or electronic bank transfer.


All of the funds raised for the Wehmeyers family and ministry budget are being managed through Grace City Church and our in-country CFO Tiffany Isgriggs. Tiffany is the leader of the missions board at GCC (Grace City Church) our sending church. 

The funds are also overseen by our missionary sending Organization CTEN (commission to every nation). As you give to the mission we also ask that you pray for encouragement and discernment over Tiffany, her family, and CTEN as they do SO much behind the scenes to make it possible for us to stay healthy and on the field long-term. 


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