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"Little children, let’s not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth." -1 John 3:18


Our hearts are to be able to intervene in the lives of Talibae boys who have been neglected and forgotten by their community, family, and religious system. We have opened a center where these young boys can get warm food, a shower, running water, hygiene and medical care, and access to the Word of God. Speaking with one ex-talibé boy regarding his life as a Talibae, he said, "Whenever I was a Talibé I would get beat regularly if I did not bring enough money back or memorize the Quran whenever I was supposed to... the running water was only for the adults and not for us children because we were stinky... we were allowed to shower once a year and that was just before Tabaski (probably the largest holiday in our country)..." We want these young boys to know the love of God and the warmth of His grace by providing for their physical and spiritual needs. 



Our children lack proper nutrition because they are forced to beg for their daily needs. It cost $2 dollars a day to provide these boys with a good rice lunch with veggies, breakfast sandwiches, and fruit. 


"He said, 'Love as I have loved you.' We cannot love too much'" - Amy Carmichael


First Aid

Due to these boys being on the street, while they are begging for their daily needs and quotas they, injure themselves almost daily. One of our jobs is to help them take care of their booboos to lessen the risk of infection and to heal physical injuries. This has become a large role in our lives. 



We have our kiddos brush their teeth and "shower" daily to reduce the risk of diseases. 

We are still raising funds to build/finish a shower complex so these boys can shower. 


Soccer (football)

We go to local fields every Friday so that our boys can play soccer together and learn teamwork, patience, and healthy competition. We are also in the process of building our own 5v5 soccer pitch on our property. Give here if you want to help with that project, we are only $3,000 away from our goal.

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